adjusting and mauntaining ph

Submitted by sleepy! on 1/14/00. ( )

please explain in detail how one goes about adjusting and maintaining the ph in a pickle, ex. if it is 2 high "do this" if it is to low "do this" also how often should it be checked and if a bactericide were added in what amounts, at what time, and most important where do ya get it. thanks for all help. confused!

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hum looks like you need some books

This response submitted by John C on 1/14/00. ( )

Not being a smart XXX on this but go to a libary and check some out/ JOHN C


This response submitted by wayne on 1/14/00. ( mellow out )

well john C that's pretty informative please buy some boxer shorts you are all bunched up if you don't want to answer the kids? don't but don't chase him away
answer make acid lower than 2.0 put hides in check 1 HR later if to low its OK if to high mix up some acid in water and pore it in

Yep Wayne you told him a lot

This response submitted by John C on 1/14/00. ( )

I read Sleepys post, what it did show me, was Sleepy needs to read a book or two on tanning. A little research on Sleepys part at the local libary (thats where I found my info on tanning 30 odd years ago) And the dreaded ARCHIVES.

Part of learning anything is doing the research.

Bite me WAYNE.

Now since WAYNE (what a wealth of info he dropped) was so informitive. He can pull my shorts out with his teeth since he is already down there doing what he does best.

Do these simple steps.

Check pH with a meter or litmus paper, add enough acid, sulfphuic, citric, oxyolic (ACID BATH CRYSTALS), formic, or plain old 5% vinegar ACETIC (lots of it), to drop the ph to 1.5 and add several hands full of salt, or using a SALINOMETER (WAYNE do you now what this is?) add salt until you reach 100% add your hides. I add the hides in a dry state and relax them in the acid. After the hides are submerged a few hours check pH. Acid (You must wear a face shield, heavy rubber gloves and rubber apron) trickle the acid down the sides (to keep it from splashing)
recheck til the pH drops to 1.5 to 2.

I wonder about citric acid, reason being it edible, I dont like that fact, as its found in fruit drink powders for tartness and as a source of vitamin C
in certian soda drinks too. My preference is formic or sulphuric, these old stand by acids once neutralized return to thier simple base salts.

ACETIC is a natural forming acid that does occur without human help.

Sleepy I did not and don't intend to put you down, just trying to get you to research your subject. If your in school you can do tanning as a Sceince project. Good Luck John C

Bacteria won't be able to survive...

This response submitted by Craig on 1/14/00. ( )

in a pickle with a pH of 2.0 or lower, so no bacteriacide is needed.

Bacteriacide is used in the rehydration process of salt dried capes or hides prior to pickling. It can also be used in a washing solution prior to salting if the cape is overly dirty. Just rinse the cape well, towel dry or place in washing machine on the spin cycle, and then tumble in a good hardwood sawdust or corncob grit to remove as much water as possible before salting. Check the archives for more info as there is quite a bit.

thanks for the info!

This response submitted by sleepy! on 1/14/00. ( )

well fellas thks for the help, but i have a few (lol) hides under my belt and yes sleepy has RESEARCHED the tanning archives. 30 years ago it might have been prudent to go to the library, but today this is the library while saving on gas. gotta luv progress. tks again fellas!

This does not replace the library.

This response submitted by John C on 1/14/00. ( )

One thing to remember, the old stand by is sometimes the best. This is the simple way out. I will stillput my money on the LIBRARY. If this is it HOW IS IT THAT THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS STILL POST NUMBERS FOR BOOKS? Just a thought JC

100% may be wasting salt

This response submitted by Bob B on 1/14/00. ( )

John C gave you good information, both about the library and the actual tips. His
point is acid at a pH of 1.5 is not something to work with, if you have no knowledge
base before beginning. It is very dangerous mixture. Be soooooo very careful.

I think if you research the archives under tanning and beginners, you will find some
excellent posts on tanning. They are there, I've read them, you just need to spend
the time saved by not reading a book, by reading the archives. Either way you are
putting in time. As John suggested, reading a book on tanning would be faster than
reading the archives, as so many titles give you no clue what's in the post.

After reading the book or all of the archives, you may find that a 100% salt reading
in your pickle, may just be wasting salt. I set my at 40% - 45%.

Safetee acid

This response submitted by MarkV on 1/14/00. ( )

Dear Sleepy, I thought I might add a little to this if I could. I have tried and used alot of different tanning solutions and the best I have tried is a pickle called safetee acid. It plumps the skin as good as formic or acid bath crystals plus it is easier to maintain the PH. It does all this plus it is environmentally safe and user friendly. Get a hold of Bruce Rittel and he will put you in the right direction on the subject of tanning. Good luck to you, Mark

Sleepy, I hope this did not get your goat

This response submitted by John C on 1/15/00. ( )

Like it did one of the others. I simply wa trying to make sure you are 100% safe. and have your references to read and reread. JOhn C

To much time on your hands John C.

This response submitted by BUSY on 1/15/00. ( )

John not every one has as much time on there hands as you to sit at the computer all day and wait for someone to ask a question thats allready been asked and then jump on them. Get a JOB! "Have a nice day"?


This response submitted by DON on 1/27/00. ( DWESOLO@AOL.COM )

i only had the occasion to ask a couple of questions in here and the answers were very helpfull. i did briefly scan the titles in the archives before asking. it seems that some individuals feel that since they learned the art the hard way(library research and/or trial and error), beginners should go thru the same procedure! i think that misses the whole point of this forum.i agree that if someone wants to learn how to tan a hide they should read or get a video,maybe attend a seminar. but after that i think if that person has a problem with a job and someone can help with a simple answer it would be nice if they did so. the times i needed help i was treated well and the answer confirmed my decision or led me in a better direction. and i thank those who answered without telling me to go to the library!!i'm not trying to be a smart ass but i think this forum could do without some of the pompous atitudes i've unfortunatly witnessed with some of the responses.

@$#$# JOHN C

This response submitted by JAMIE on 2/22/01. ( )

Take it easy everybody has an opion! It wont hurt for educated people such as your self tohelp someone with out making a jackass out of yourself !!

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