tumbler ideas

Submitted by Mark P. on 1/10/00. ( rainshadow@earthlink.net )

I am going to be building a tumbler, just wanted to get some info from some people who already have tumblers. I have the option of using a plastic drum (55 gallon), or build a 4'drum from plywood (I get the impression from reading other posts on this subject that a larger drum is more desirable for the "drop"). Does anybody have a tumbler with a wood drum? Is it lined with anything to protect the wood? I plan on using a door skin(1/8")for the outside of the drum. I just need to know if the tumbling media will damage the wood over time. If it does I may opt for the plastic drum. I have no experience with this, so I hope its not a stupid question.

Mark P.

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Go heavier on the plywood

This response submitted by Steve A. on 1/10/00. ( )

I built a tumbler out of plywood a while back. I understand that the
six foot model works better than than the four footers for breaking the
hides. Mine is four feet and I use it mostly for drying out and cleaning
fur. I used 5/8 inch plywood. To gear it down I went from a small geat
to a much larger gear two times. Finally I was able to slow down the
revolutions enough for proper tumbling. Bruce Rittel sells plans for
tumblers that would help you a lot.

Tumbler Idea

This response submitted by Gary Brown on 1/16/00. ( gbrown83@aol.com )

Hey Mark,here is a great way to make a tumbler that I
have been using with excellent results.Get ahold of an
old electric or gas clothes dryer,duct tape all the vent
holes in the drum,add hardwood chips and you have yourself
a tumbler."REMEMBER","NO HEAT",use cool setting only!!!
Some saw dust will sift out,but it is minimal.After
tanning my hides with EZ-100 I put them in the tumbler
for about 30 min.,and they come out fluffy and dry,
ready to mount!
Works great for me! Gary

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