Is 48 hours too long for Lutan-F

Submitted by Steve A. on 1/14/00. ( )

Some directions say 24 hours for Lutan-F when tanning deer skins or capes.
WASCO's and some other directions say 48 hours. I know it's important not
to leave them in this solution too long or they become rubbery. Too short a
time may produce and inadequate tan. There is a big difference in time between
24 and 48 hours. So I'm wondering which is best. I've done it both ways and
can not tell any difference in the final product so maybe I'm worrying about
nothing. I would appreciate anyones input on this. I'm a long ways from
being a Master Tanner.

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48 hours

This response submitted by Jeff M on 1/17/00. ( )

Steve, I use the lutan for 48 hours on deer and it works great. I also am using ez-100 with great results and no harmful effects. hope this helps ......Jeff M

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