Just switched to Safetee acid

Submitted by Ripper on 1/14/00. ( taxiderm@lcc.net )

I have used citric acid for several years with great results, I thought I would try some of the safetee acid since it is so well liked by so many folks. My question is about neautralizing the acid, with citric acid I neautralize for approx. 30 minutes and I'm wondering if the safetee acid can be neautralized the same way or does it require something different?
thanks for your help

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This response submitted by Frank on 1/14/00. ( basswtrout@aol.com )

It's done the same.

just use good ole' baking soda

This response submitted by openingdaytxdrmy on 1/14/00. ( )

prety simple just nuetralize the same way as with any other and dispose of properly,its biodegradable

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