liquid tan

Submitted by Brad on 1/11/00. ( )

I was wondering what is the best way on getting it out of the hair. I probably screwed it up but I mounted the deer an didnt get all tthe liquid tan off of the hair is there anything to use to get it out of the hair and when should I remove it thanks

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wash it out

This response submitted by MQT on 1/11/00. ( )

Probably the easiest thing for you to do would be wash it out. Liqui-tan washes of very easy with water. Since the hide is tanned you could even use a very mild detergent (very, very little) and then fluff the hair up with an air compressor or blow drier on cool. After the hair is fluffed just comb it to position and you should be fine. Be sure and wash the hide with a very damp cloth but don't let the hide get saturated which could affect the hold on your hide past. Good luck.

Once mounted .....

This response submitted by Mark on 1/11/00. ( )

You may also take a sponge and some hot water and wipe the hair down and the Liqua Tan will come off the hair. Mark

a word of thanks

This response submitted by Brad on 1/12/00. ( )

Thank you for your answers

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