Know it alls should help not condemn!

Submitted by Steve A. on 1/16/00. ( )

I truly enjoy this forum, but what I have been reading at times is making
me angry. If a person knows it all why are they even using this forum if
they are not willing to help. I'll admit I've got a lot to learn about tanning
but I don't appreciate being considered stupid for asking a question that I
can't find in the archives. We all have our areas of expertise, and I truly
appreciate the help of people willing to help, such as Bruce Rittel. Some of
the blow hards that are trying to take over this forum by bragging about their
great knowlege are ruining it for everyone.

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Oh Boy...........

This response submitted by Marc on 1/16/00. ( )

......were we go again!! Go easy on Sleeve, another e-mail-less wonder! Noone EVER, as far as I can recall has ever called you stupid thin-skinned maybe, but NEVER stupid. Have you ever visited the chat? I don't recall seeing you there, maybe if you'd stop by, you might see that the so called blow hards are just full of dry humor and air...........AND ALOT OF USEFUL KNOWLEDGE!!!!!!! If it weren't for the obYOXious, BELUCHItter, ROOFless people on this site who think their JC, and Rittel you with sarcasm just to RUMMANS your day, where in the hell do you think this site would be??????? When all the whiners run off the useful "oldtimers" who have forgotten more than most of us will ever learn, because they see just how ungreatful some people on here can be with the knowledge they provide us for FREE,(hey, newsflash ace, they don't get paid for this) or just basically get tired of all this bull crap crying! Well then this will be one uninformative, useless forum. So suck it up, and wipe your nose off on your steve.


This response submitted by MarkV on 1/16/00. ( )

Dear Marc, I just wanted to say that I commend you for your response. I have been using this forum as a tool and would like to thank all of its great contributors for their vast knowledge. I have been at taxidermy for about 20 years now and was kind of stalemated and bored with the whole thing but then I found this forum and it renewed my interest for knowledge and made the same old more interesting than ever. When you take in to consideration most of my learning came from my father which to me is a great taxidermist/buisiness man this has been one of the greatest learning experiences of my career. I have greatly improved my methods of tanning due to Mr. Rittel and also learned alot from Bill Yox, George Roof, Patrick Rummans and all the rest of the guys who put their input to this tool. When I came on here I thought I knew alot of stuff well I am only learning the tip of the berg. I just hope that we can keep this going. Well thats my piece and hope to talk to you all later on the chat. Take care and have a nice day, MarkV

Marc are your shorts too small?

This response submitted by Steve A. on 1/16/00. ( )

Maybe the readers of this forum could pool their money and get you a new
pair. But I'll bet they are hard to find in a jumbo size.


This response submitted by Marc on 1/16/00. ( )

That's Mister Jumbo dumbo ! Once again I see no e-mail address, hmmmm. Really concerned about you though, why the infatuation with my underwear????????????? Seek some counsling! Scary!!

Big Bad Marcky

This response submitted by Steve A. on 1/17/00. ( )

You really sound rough and tough. I mean even your name is scary.
What kind of name is that anyway? Cape Fear Taxidermy? It seems like
Dip Stick Taxidermy would be more fitting. As far as your being rough and
tough, I'd like to know why? I've talked to people who have met you and
they can't even tell which sex you are.

Poor Fella

This response submitted by Marc on 1/17/00. ( )

Don't know why I even bother to answer you, since you never leave your e-mail address, so that we may discuss your "short"comings in private.....but, first off Dip Stick is not the name of the river that my shop is located near, thus the name Cape Fear (it's a river and also a region of this state) but I'm sure you already knew that, since you have SO MANY friends that have met me, (huh, never knew I was so popular) Now you've got me really worried about your acquaintances since they can't tell a bearded bald man from a woman. Geeez, what's this world coming to?

thanks steve !

This response submitted by rich on 1/17/00. ( * )

you wanted to enter a answer as to why this forum has gone to crap. well your childish exchange illustrated just that and has enlightened us all! looks like it wasnt the experts after all but people like you. hopefully you and others like you will find a new toy soon.

You've got a good point Rich

This response submitted by Steve A. on 1/18/00. ( )

Things should never have digressed to this point.

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