this all started with a question

Submitted by rick on 1/16/00. ( )

i think, i, can clear all this up. if you are thinned skinned and cant take criticism don't ask a question. this all started a month ago when in, one of john C's rebuttals. he asked if we thought he was all bunched up (his question) well he got an answer he didn't like it, but, he got one. now check the achieves for more info on the topic

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Things like that dont bother me

This response submitted by John C on 1/16/00. ( )

I will always come back at you with something, dont mater who, what, when, where or why.

One thing for certain is if you really need help and have done your research and still can't find the answer. Maybe just maybe I have had that problem too or know of someone that has.

Example Larry needed a picture of a MANDARIN fish, tiny 2 inch fish from the Indo Pacific. I did some research found a place for him to contact, i.e. Photgraphers name, place of employement, and address to reach him. All this along with half of a photo if he does not get any results.

I will do the same for anyone till I get burned. Sure I am not a very tactful person, but never cut me short on resources.

Sorry to those I annoy and tick off. But I am sure each and everyone of us has ticked someone off sometime. Also we all will do it again I am sure. Best of luck JOhn C


This response submitted by rick on 1/16/00. ( statewildlife )

i think it's over now

you are right!

This response submitted by sleepy! on 1/17/00. ( )

pardon me if my spelling does not meet everyones standards but i can see by the posts i am UNDERSTOOD. fellas i happened across this forum and asked a question, in turn i was given an obnoxious attitude. how was i or any person for that matter supposed to know you guys don't have the time to answer frequently asked questions. one more thing you people are not the only ones whose time is precious, everyones is! i apoligize to all offended. but people i can tell you this, if a taxidermist cannot take time to answer a question of mine my buissness goes elsewhere. i never turn down people looking to add knowledge, do you honestly think in this day and age i would have the time to go to the library and read a book when i am looking into a 1500.00 computer that is supposed to cure that, i think it is call modernization! anyway enough rambling, to those who helped thank you, to those who did not. you are entitled to your own beliefs. sleepy!

No offense taken

This response submitted by Steve A. on 1/17/00. ( )

You seem like a good man. Talk to you later.

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