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Submitted by jesseh on 1/17/00. ( )

i am very new to taxidermy and while studying the archives have seen several posts concerning the safety of certain chemicals.i will be concentrating on whitetail deer and fish taxidermy and wandered if someone could give advise of certain chemicals specific to taxidermy which extra caution should be used with and which combinations to avoid.don't want to end up like the kid in john c's post from yesterday.also would like to know how to safely dispose of chemicals,solutions, and wastes from a taxidermy shop.my current options are to pour it down the drain to septic system,put it in the trash, or dump it in the back yard.would like other options. thanks.

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This response submitted by Frank on 1/18/00. ( basswtrout@aol.com )

To say what is and isn't is hard to say. If it say hazardous the it is. Always follow the label on the product. If your not sure conntact the vender or maker and they will help you on the best way to get rid of the chemicals the right way.

No matter what you do ALWAYS take precautions when using any kind of chemical. It's your life...

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