To Stretch or Not

Submitted by Mike on 1/18/00. ( )

A trapper brought in a frozen beaver pelt he would like tanned and stretched round. I plan on doing the tanning in shop. My question is would there be any advantage to having the pelt stretched while salt drying, or treat it as any other hide, and leave the the stretching till after it is tanned and softened?

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Mike I always stretched them first

This response submitted by JOhnc on 1/18/00. ( )

I always scraped and then stretched then to dry, that was years ago, I used chorme tans then. With the new syn tans, I am sure it will be a lot easier. Yes salt then in the round. JOhn C

Not me....

This response submitted by Lars on 1/19/00. ( )

I never like doing the same job twice.The beaver seemed to stretch round just fine, even after tanning .

Thanks, and My Reason

This response submitted by Mike on 1/19/00. ( )

Thanks for the response. My reason for asking is this beaver should be of the super blanket class. I just want to make sure I get the best possible Stretch.

Thanks Mike

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