Rinehart's Tanning Cream and Slippage?

Submitted by DW on 1/25/00. ( drwalker@fuse.net )

I would like to try Rinehart's Tanning Cream and I am wondering if
anyone has had any trouble with hair slippage after using this

And if there are any recomended ways to prep the cape etc.?



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Rinehart's Tanning Cream and Slippage?

This response submitted by Larry on 1/25/00. ( hidebeak@cpinternet.com )

We've been selling Rinehart's Tanning Cream for years, and have never received any negative feedback on it. If a problem ever arose regarding it's use, I'm sure we would have heard about it. There are two different ways to use this cream, and instructions come with it. Capes/hides are prepared in the usual way. If you'd like a copy of our new catalog, visit our web site (guest book) at www.hidebeak.com, or call us at 1-800-777-7916, and ask for one. 'Hope this answers your questions.

Been there. Did that

This response submitted by Vit on 1/25/00. ( )

I've used Rinehart's tanning cream a LOT over the years. I think is is excellent. If capes are properly prepped....salt/pickle/neutralize/shave... there is NO problem. I layed the cape on an open plastic trash bag, brushed on the cream all over, layed another bag on top of the cape and let it set overnight. The next morning the cape is creamy soft...TANNED all the way through.
I did NOT like the sticky mess it created, and felt like I lost some stretch with it...but that was probably due to a cape that wasn't shaved thin enough. I used a mini-flesher.
I "graduated" to using a commercial tannery, and they do a lot better job than I did. When I get my capes back all I have to do is a little fine work around the lips/nostrils/eyes, and it's ready to mount.
ANYWAY..........Rinehart's tanning cream will do a good job!
Good luck friend!

Let it dry!

This response submitted by Gary on 1/26/00. ( gschoen@GREnergy.com )

I use Rinehart's tanning cream all the time, I've notice the slippage
if the hide isn't thinned out enough and when the hide is wet when you try to mount it. The only slippage I've had has been in the lip area when Im tuck in the lips. I put a fan on it to let it dry awhile
then proceed with the mounting.

hope this helps.........Good Luck



This response submitted by Andy Pierce on 2/17/00. ( pse141@yahoo.com )

Ive mounted tons of deer with Rineharts tanning cream and all i can tell
you is it does save a little time and money. But in the long run I dont think
I would use it because Ive had lots of cracking behind the eye after
a couple of years. This really makes your mount look bad. Yes i do have the
the hide shaved thin. I would say about 50% of all my heads at least
1 eye will crack

Use it and love it

This response submitted by Aaron on 2/27/00. ( aj@mtneer.net )

I've used Rinehart tanning cream for years....my opinion....I love it.
When you use the cream the tanning is the easy part after the dirty
work of shaving the hide. I have had wonderful stretching results as well. Bottom line on slippage....mount a semi dry hide. Any hide regardless of the tanning method will have slippage if you try to work with it soaking wet. I like to wash my hides in salt water and let hem drip dry for about 1-2 hours before mounting. You want a moist hide...not too wet and not too dry.

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