How Long will it last?

Submitted by Jim A. on 1/25/00. ( )

Thanks to some of you, I am mounting my first mammal, a rabbit. I know tough little bugger to start with, but it is coming out of the pickle and I will be applying liqua-tan tonight. I was told that it would be ready to mount after a day with the liqua tan on it. How can I keep the pelt, until I am ready to mount it? Once it is tanned can I leave it out on the table for a week, a day? Should I freeze it? I have know idea how long a pelt lasts once it is tanned, will it get hard If I don't mount it right away? Please help. I would like to plan what I have to do once the pelt is ready in a day.

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Freeze your skin until ready to mount

This response submitted by Toivo Ohlsson on 1/25/00. ( )

Once you are finished with the tanning process, tumble your
skin in sawdust, blow the excess out with compressed air or use
a hairdryer set on "cold". Then bag & freeze until ready to mount.If
you leave the skin (dont freeze it)it will dry out.
As you say, rabbits are not the easiest thing for a beginner but
good luck & best regards from Sweden.

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