How much sodium acetate ?

Submitted by Jim P. on 1/19/00. ( )

If I use sodium acetate solution for neutralizing how much per gallon should be used and how long should the skins stay in the solution. Also can they be degreased at the same time as I have done in the past when neutralizing with sodium bicarb.? Thanks in advance again.

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The same dosage!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 1/20/00. ( )

You use 1 Oz. of Sodium Acetate per each 1 Gallon of Water. Neutralize for 20-30 minutes, rinse, and then place them in the tan. As for degreasing - I wouldnt do it then. It's best to do it after they have been in the pickle and shaven. If its one cape - say a Bear, take it out of the pickle after 3 days - drain it for 30 minutes, shave it, then degrease it, wash it briefly, rinse, and put it back into the pickle for overnight before neutralizing. If you are doing several mixed capes - then wait until the greasy ones are ALL shaved, pull them out, drain for 30 minutes, degrease all together, wash briefly, rinse and return them to the pickle overnight. Then neutralize.

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