Hair slippage after pickling

Submitted by Rick on 1/25/00. ( )

Am fairly new at this. Went by the book on this W.T. cape. Had no problem with slipping until after the final fleshing and put hide back into pickling solution, it started losing hair badly then.
Anything I can do to salvage it? Oh... am using saftee acid. Also, used bactericide and hide relaxer prior to pickling. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

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There are a lot of variables.

This response submitted by Steve A. on 1/28/00. ( )

I'm no expert but maybe I can help. Was the ph of your pickle
monitored carefully? If it gets too high bacteria will take
over. Did you flesh this on a beam from tail to head? On a
deer cape this may not make a difference, but on smaller critters
it can. I started to tan a whitetail hide several years ago
that was killed in late winter, during a damage hunt. It was
in such a poor nutritional state that the hair started to slip
as I fleshed it.

Final Fleshing??????

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 1/28/00. ( )

Steve had some good points. I just question your remark saying "final fleshing"? The skin wasnt placed into the pickle with meat or the membrane still in place? This should have been removed when the skin was fleshed completely, salted and dried - BEFORE the pickle. If it was removed, then the only other idea was that maybe you didnt rinse the skin well enough and when it was placed into the pickle, the bacteriacide and relaxer combination raised the ph too high (above a 2.0). Like Steve had asked - did you test the ph? If you did, was it below a 2.0? There isnt much protection if it went higher.

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