Mold In The Pickle

Submitted by Bo on 1/26/00. ( )

I haven't used my pickle in 2 months and now it has mold growing in it. I'm getting ready to start my deer capes and I am wondering if it's still OK to use. I've had it mixed up for 3 months with Rittle's Saftee Acid. Thanks, Bo.

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Mold in the Pickle

This response submitted by Kent on 1/26/00. ( )

Bo, Dump the pickle and start with a new batch! If there is
mold in the pickle that also means there is bacteria in it.
I don't think its worth taking the risk of ruining a cape by submitting it to a solution that you know has bacteria already present
It may sure save you alot of grief in the long run. Good Luck, Kent


This response submitted by mike d on 1/26/00. ( )

The reason that you have mold is hat the ph of your pickle has
come up over 3.
When you mix a pickle, you want a ph of 2 or less, and then you
must maintain that low ph!
Check your solution at least once a week and add more acid if
neccessary to keep the ph down.
If you pickle is still clean you could probably get away with
skimming off the mold and adjusting your ph; that will kill any
bacteria still present.
If it gets to the point that the hides come out dirtier than they
go in- it's time to think about mixing a new batch!!

Isn't penicillin a mold and don't doctors prescribe ...

This response submitted by Craig on 1/26/00. ( )

this to fight bacterial infections? I think there are differences between molds, fungus, and bacteria. Bruce, what do you say?

There is a difference!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 1/27/00. ( )

Yes, there is a difference between fungus (mold) and bacteria. At a Ph below 2.0 bacteria die - but the surface of your solution can accumulate debris from the atmosphere, or even pieces of flesh which provide food to grow. Stirring keeps it down, but sometimes over long periods, this may be difficult, and likewise, the mold has an opportunity to grow. You can use a fungicide in your pickle, but be careful, dont overuse it, it can raise the ph level if you use too much. Always follow the directions when using it

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