Caribou hide

Submitted by mikep on 1/26/00. ( )

I'm a bird taxidermist. I've never tanned a hide. And a friend that won't take no for an answer. He pushed a caribou hide on me and wants just a small part of the mane? on a plack. I do have a bit of CuraTan from a squirrel I tried years ago from another so called friend. I don't have a flesher. Will chemical treatment on the curatan bottle work? Or should I tell him a BIG- NO WAY.

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You're lucky!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 1/27/00. ( )

Caribou skins are extremely thin - so that piece wont need shaving, only fleshing. Although I'm not familiar with the CuraTan product - the skin piece should be easy to tan, and oil, let dry, and then you can mount it on the panel. Follow their directions for the product.

Curatan works good on caribou

This response submitted by Frank on 2/1/00. ( )

I have tanned a couple of caribou furs with curatan from VanDykes and have been very happy with the way it works. I still salt cure overnight followed by an oxalic acid pickle bath (about 3 days), fleshed once before the pickle and once after.

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