Submitted by GEOFFORY on 1/26/00. ( kkanders@silverstar.com )

I would appreciate any experience anyone has had with their skins turning purple (the skin, not the hair) when raising the Ph following tanning. I've tried using both sodium carb, and bicarb to neutralize and both turn the solution, and the skin purple. I use Knoblocks TX tanning. The skins turn out great, except for the purple color that I'm not too crazy about.

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This response submitted by rick on 1/26/00. ( )

i use the same tan and not having that problem give them a call


This response submitted by Mark on 1/26/00. ( knoblochs@worldnet.att.net )

What was the Ph of your bath? This may play a part, give me a call and we can look and some different areas for things to check.

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