freezing hides

Submitted by BJ on 1/28/00. ( )

I am new at this I have a question about frezzing fresh hides. Can I freeze a skin as soon as it comes off the animal in a plastic bag or i there something else i should do before i freeze it. any hlep will do. Thanks BJ

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This response submitted by Frank on 1/28/00. ( )

Yes you can freeze them but, I like to flesh them if I can. Next never salt a hide if your placing it in the freezer. It takes longer for it freeze and you can get hair slippage there. Now a little on freezing hides. Always lay them flat till they get almost stif, then you can roll them up if you want. Don't just rool up a hide and put it in the freezer. The inner layer will take some time for that to freeze and may cause you some problems with slippage later on.

thank you

This response submitted by BJ on 1/29/00. ( )

Thanks for the info

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