freezing hides again

Submitted by craig on 1/28/00. ( )

i know this questions been bought up many times but it still puzzles me.i personally salt and then freeze and have never had one slip,also i live in a tropical climate with hi humidity.i do agree with salting it does take longer to freeze but surley with the outside temp etc bacteria wouldnt surviveand it wouldnt take that long for the temp to penertrate to the minuses even if it is not frozen other theory was when thawing it thawed quicker and had the salt as back up,i have had frozen skins before not salted and within the thawing stage in high humidity they have slipped with in a hour or so.never made that mistake again but like i said i have never had a problem with salted frozen it im just lucky

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Freezing hides again

This response submitted by Larry on 1/28/00. ( )

Maybe your theory about the salt preventing bacteria growth when you thaw your hides is correct, or maybe you are just lucky. In any event, salt inhibits freezing. That's why they put salt on roads when it snows or ice forms on them, something you may not be aware of living in a tropical climate (you are lucky)! My advice is to freeze your hides without salting them, and thaw them in a refrigerator.

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