Do Tanneries accept wet hides???

Submitted by CAT on 2/1/00. ( )

I have 10 WT Deer hides that a couple of guys want tanned hair on. Will any tannery accept frozen wet hides, or will they accept dried and salted only?

Yes, I'm a rookie.

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yes but

This response submitted by Frank on 2/1/00. ( )

They like them dried for several reasons.

Dried skins have the hair set already.
Second it's a lot cheaper to send dried hides than wet.

Sending a raw hide to them will not guarantee you no hair slippage, plus it will cost you more for their services.

Best off to flesh them and salt and dry then send.

They'll only dry them themselves!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 2/2/00. ( )

Maybe they will accept them wet - but most Tanneries will only have to salt and dry them themselves - and that will cost you!!! It's extra work. They want salted dried hides with the hair locked in. Saving you the money on shipping isnt what its all about - its locking the hair in so they can be sure it makes it thru the process intact. You may also get a letter to the effect that they will process the skins at YOUR OWN RISK if you send them wet!

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