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I have serveral questions i have read through all of the old foums and still couldn't find any answers please help.
1 I plan to use Lutan-F and in the WASCO directions to put skins in a solution of water and lysol to rehydrate the hidess i read in here not to use lysol so i called WASCO to ask them if i could use something else they told me i could just salt skik rehydrating and go strait to the pickel can I do this or should use a rehydration agent like knoblock's pre-tan #110 or knoblock's Relax R can i use thes with lutan -f
2 i have read about useing an old dryer as a tumbler to take out the heating element and tape up the vents does this mean the ones in the back of the drum and the lint vent or just the lint vent please hlep
3 i have also read aout useing a wire wheel is this for shaveing can i use any grinder with a wire wheel is thi after the picklel or tan?
4 some people have told me to use 60 grit sand paper after the tan to make it soft is this a good idea
please help thanks Lori

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Some Brief answers

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Lori :
I'm going to give a quick response to some of your ????---
1. I usually salt then rehydrate with plain water and if I'm worried about bacteria I use Basacryl NB-ku -per the instructions on the bottle.
2. I would use a old gas dryer if I were you then remove the blades on the fan and either cover the holes with duct tape or fill with Bondo.
3. You can use the wire wheel on thin skined animals and birds but you need to use a fleshing wheel or knives on larger mammals.
4.The sand paper will clean and thin the leather a little BUT if you thin the skin well before tanning , use a good quality oil , and tumble , you should have a nice soft leather . The other thing that might help is to break the hide as it's drying.
Hope some of this helps.

Here is a little help.

This response submitted by Todd B on 1/29/00. ( )

I put the skins in enough water to cover them. I have never heard anyone say not to
use Lysol. I put Lysol in my water and soak them until they are completely
rehydrated. Never had any problems. About the clothes dryer I have an
old electric clothes dryer and it works fine. All you need is the drum
to tumble the skins so electric or gas will not make a bit of difference.
Just cover all of the vent holes one way or another. And If you do not
have a shaving machine a wire wheel on a grinder will be alright. Just
make sure you do a thorough job. Do your shaving after you pickle for 24 hours
on capes such as deer size animals smaller animals do not take as long.
After you shave it put it back in the pickle for another hour or so.
Then you need to neutralize and go on with your tanning.

Todd B


This response submitted by Larry on 1/30/00. ( )

You should cover all the holes in both the drum and the front door (if any), and you can use either a gas or an electric dryer. You can leave the lint trap as is and in place, or tape over it. I think plans for a tumbler were published in both Breakthrough and The International Taxidermist magazines. We have the plans for a wire wheel flesher. If you want more info on it, call me at 1-800-777-7916.


This response submitted by Mark on 1/31/00. ( )

In you rehydration bath you do want to use a wetting agent like
Relax R . This will help speed up your process. In your solutions you can add some Basacryl NBKU (bacteriacide) to retard and stop any bacteria. This stuff is very concintrated and works great. Mark

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