Tanning deer feet

Submitted by Bob B. on 1/29/00. ( )

I have a number of deer feet that I am going to use for gun racks, deer foot lamps. deer foot thermometers,etc. I have done a deer foot gun rack before using dry preserve. I am still fairly new at this and hear so much controversy about dry preserve verses tanning. I am very interested in taxidermy and am trying to get as much knowledge and experience as I can. My question for now is, for the above mentioned projects, should I use dry preserve for small projects such as these or tan them? Would the hooves be damaged/discolored going through the tanning process...thinking of using EZ-100 tan if I decide to tan them. Also would I need a hide paste? Thanks for this Forum and comments...I really want to do quality work and have gained a lot of knowledge from your input!

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deer feet

This response submitted by m s maine on 1/29/00. ( )

go with the e-z mount 100 it is excellent and yes by all means use a good hide paste

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