Quebec Fleshing Machine

Submitted by Steve A. on 1/29/00. ( )

I am considering buying a used Quebec Fleshing Machine. I was wondering
how it would compare to others on the market? It's on a table with a
motor. About how much would it be worth? I know this is difficult to
judge without first seeing it. Thanks for your help.

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Well Steve, I paid $1,045.00 for mine new

This response submitted by Craig on 1/30/00. ( )

that of course included shipping form Quebec. I don't know why some people will invest so much into a machine like this and turn around and offer it for sale for less than half of the paid value. I've seen these advertised on the For Sale forum for as little as $400.00. I personally own one and couldn't justify the financial loss. I was offered $600.00 with the buyer to pay shipping, although I declined the offer, if this is any help.

We offer a excellent machine.

This response submitted by Mark on 2/2/00. ( )

We offer a great machine that comes complete and ready to go
out of the crate, with a warrenty. Theirs about one page of
information on this so theirs too much to list, if you would
go to my website you can read and see pictures on it.
Go to then go to order online and Click on
EQUIPMENT. This unit is built here in the U.S and its called
THE CAPEMASTER. For more info call 303-666-9045.

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