Procedure for tanning rugsNoel

Submitted by Noel on 1/29/00. ( )

I need information on tanning hair on rugs such as deer,
bobcats,etc.I use Lutan-F tanning agent and Eureka 800-R
tanning oil.How do i get that soft leathery feel to my rugs.
If anyone has this procedure,I would appreciate the informa-

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Dont tan a Deerskin Rug!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 1/30/00. ( )

Hair-on Deerskins have a major problem! The hair eventually dries, becomes brittle and they begin to snap off. They should never be used for Rugs, Garments or anyplace they recieve wear. You can retard it by spraying the hair with liquid Lanolin but it cant be reversed and in time, you begin to get bare spots. The best tan in the world cant prevent it. As for soft rugs, I have to assume you do not have at least a 6' high Drum available. That would definately soften a hide for Rug work. However, you can still Arm Stake them soft if you dont have a Drum that high, and get excellent results. It just takes a little extra work. Click on my Rittels E-Mail address above and leave me your name and address. I'll mail (by the post office) a handout we have on Arm Staking. It may help.

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