soft auto tan

Submitted by gator s. on 1/30/00. ( )

I was wondering if someone with an auto tanner could tell me their method of tanning a wt cape for a flat skin, needs to be soft. I've tanned skins before but never for for a flat skin. Do you put the oil in the auto tanner or apply after words? I use the tan that Noonkester sells with the machine, any suggestions on the best oil? Thanks for all your help.

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Ask Mr. Rittel

This response submitted by Joey on 1/31/00. ( )

I can't tell you as well as Mr. Rittel, but I can tell you I would use his EZ-100 / auto tanner method instead of alum. I have done this with capes. Done this way, you skin will have less srinkage and it will be wasable.

No oil

This response submitted by Mark on 1/31/00. ( )

I would not reccomend adding the oil to your machine, I would swabb the oil on afterwards. You can use Para Tan in the machine and acheive excellent results. Then follow up with Tanning oil #1 that we blend. Mark


This response submitted by Kieth Daniels on 2/1/00. ( )

If you plan on doing a soft tan, you also need to plan on leaving it in long enough to completely tan the skin, at least overnight, sorry, but the one or two hour thing just won't work for your soft tans.

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