Rabbit Hide

Submitted by Pat on 1/30/00. ( patash@dmrtc.net )

I'm mounting a rabbit and was wondering if I should
tan the hide or will dry preserve work OK? Thanks, Pat

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Just finished one...

This response submitted by Jim A. on 1/31/00. ( )

Hey Pat, I just finished a rabbit mount, it went very well, except I screwed up the hind legs. I finished off the front half and it looks great. I am just going to have him running out of a hole or something.
I tanned my rabbit, look under the "mammal section" for the thread "tanning a Jack rabbit" follow the directions. You will need to buy a product called Liqua-tan, it doesn't cost much and you could use it for many small animals. You might as well do it right or your hide will result with slip. Skinning a rabbit and fleshing is alot of work to throw it away by trying to take a shortcut.

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