cleaning and using coyote claws in jewelry

Submitted by rose coffin on 2/4/00. ( )

I have some coyote claws that still have hair and flesh on them.
I would like to know how to clean and finish them so i can use
them in my jewelry. Thank you for any help you can give me.

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This response submitted by mike d on 2/4/00. ( )

Claws grow on a bone core, just like horns, to completely prep you need to remove the core.
If they are old and dried it might be next to impossible, if they
are reasonably fresh this is what I do-
trim as much flesh and hide away as possible, place in a small jar
with a good sealing lid and set in a warm place.
Let them rot a while(depending on age and size time required may vary),
after a week or two, take the jar out side to open!!
Grasp the end of the claw with one hand and the knuckle of the
toe bone with the other and pull; if they come apart then go to
the next step, if they don't put'em back for a while longer.
Caution : these animals are predators and carrion eaters, always
wear rubber gloves and use caution- bacteria from rotten meat
can cause blood poisoning if it gets into cuts or scratches.
Once the claws are off, soak in disenfectant(alcohol or hydrogen
peroxide for a day,dry and fill with 5 min. epoxy to strengthen,
polish and mount.

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