hair slip on boar

Submitted by craig on 2/3/00. ( )

when i recieved a salted pig cape it had a large slipped section on the shoulder was hung but was touching something while drying the rest seems good.i cut right in to the pad and sraped of most of the hair and resalted would this help or will there be more slip,like i said the rest had dried and seemed fine.can slip be isolated or is it like cancer and spread even when dried.thanks for any help.

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I'll answer with no answer.

This response submitted by Jim Tucker on 2/3/00. ( )

Sorry to do this to you Craig but the answer is "yes". Sometimes the slippage can be like a plague spreding all over or it could stay in one spot like you mentioned. I have found that usually the spot is the main effected area with maybe a few small other spots being effected. One piece of advice, when re-hydrating your cape be sure and use a GOOD bacteriacide like Basycryl NBKU and it will help stop the slippage from becoming worse. Good Luck.

shoulder plate

This response submitted by burgess tax. on 2/5/00. ( )

if you are lucky the person who fleshed the boar did not flesh the plate on the shoulder very well and this caused the salt to not affect this area. at times the shoulder plate is a very tough area to clean properly on older boar. i feel cleaning this area may have helped as long as your client did not leave the boar to bacteria before salting . as is the case with alot of critters with people whodo not know


This response submitted by craig on 2/7/00. ( )

thanks guys im sending it off to the tannery so ill see how it goes ill keep my fingers crossed.

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