Rehydration of a 5 yr old tanned hide

Submitted by Sean on 2/7/00. ( )

I have a customer that just decided that he wants his mountain lion mounted. The hide was already tanned and has been on his couch for five years. Can I rehydrate just like any other hide or do something else because it has been air drying for 5 years.

Thanks Sean

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Some make it................

This response submitted by Lars on 2/7/00. ( )

and some don't. It depends on whether or not it was neutralized properly in the beginning,what conditions it's been subjected to, etc,etc.Try a test soak ,by rehydrating a small portion of the hind leg.Just use water so no fault can be attributed to any other chemical. Wet it just enough with a sponge to get the water to sink in the leather. Stretch it to see if it stays together. If it's rotten , it will come apart like a wet paper towel or worse.Be sure to let the customer know of the consequences before the test.If it's good ,soak as usual.

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