Hair-on Caribou hides

Submitted by Chad Gerlach on 2/7/00. ( )

I have a few caribou hides I'd like to tan with the hair on. I used liquatan on one already, but I'm guessing I didn't wipe off the excess in time, because some spots turned out real nice and there were some spots that stayed hard, but had a sticky feel to them, like the liquatan had dried on the outside. My question is whats the best way to dry the hair after I soak them to rehydrate them. I am using RelaxR and want to use the liquatan again, but this time with liquasoft. And are there any extra tips for using liquatan,aside from the directions on the bottle?

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Rehydrate them

This response submitted by Mark on 2/8/00. ( )

What you can do is when you rehyrate them, and I assume you
are mounting these? is add 1 to 2 oz of Kemal 4 or Relax R,
to your bath about 4 days after you tan them. Place the
skins in the solution, after the skins have been put in for
a while, then rubb the hair and the oil on the hair will come
off. Once you have tanned the skins you can put the Liqua
Soft or Tanning Oil #1 on the skin about 18 to 24 hrs later.
You may have added too much Liqua Tan or your right you can
just work it into the skin. If you or anyone would like to
have one of our free booklets containing some different tips
on how to use our products get me your address and I will be
glad to send you one, or go to my web site
If you ever mount a skin and have some Liqua Tan on the hair
you can get some hot water on a sponge and wipe the hair.
Let me know if I can help anymore.

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