folding dried hides??

Submitted by Jim on 2/9/00. ( )

I have several Raccons that are stretched and dried as well as 3 coyotes and 1 large beaver. I need to store these for a short period and my ONLY option is to freeze them in an upright freezer. I will be gone for 3 months and am afraid of them getting ruined by beetles or heat (like last year). I plan on sending them in to have tanned when I get back. My question is : Can I fold the hides in half to store them in the freezer?????? I have heard that this weakens or cracks the skin resulting in damaged leather. Or could I possibly re-wet the area near the fold, freeze them then re-dry them when iI take them out in 3 months??

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Dried fur

This response submitted by Glenn on 2/9/00. ( )

Hi Jim,
I assume when you said 'stretched and dried' you mean done up on wire
or wooden stretchers as for the fur trade. If that's the case the
best thing to do is leave them on the stretcher and hang them where
critters can't get to them if you can. Last night I rehydrated and
put into pickel solution a blue 'coon hide that has been hanging in
the garage on a wire stretcher for 3 years - these things get pretty
tough once they are dried. If there is no way for you to arrange for
them to be tanned now don't hard fold them, roll them, nose in.
That's how I did the hide last night to fit into a 5 gallon bucket.
After rolling them put them in a plastic bag, squeezing out as much air
as you can and seal up tight. They should last until you get back.

Hope this helps.


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