Need tanning advice

Submitted by Ken on 2/17/00. ( )

I am considering tanning my skins in my garage. Will the gas from the chemicals cause any corrosion on tools, vehicle, etc.? Also, can tanning chemicals be poured down the drain? Thanks for yor help. Ken

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Depends on Volume

This response submitted by Kieth Daniels on 2/17/00. ( )

everything in the room with our pickle vats rusts, unless it's stainless, plastic or painted good. If you're going to do stuff in small vats, trash can or 55 gal. drum, you probably won't have much trouble, just try to keep from spilling it on the floor or splashing things (especially the wifes car) If you're on a city sewer most everything can be disposed of in the drain with no problem.


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