Tanning small game hide?

Submitted by Brandon on 2/14/00. ( brandonk@cswnet.com )

I've been hunting rabbits and squirrel for many years now and was wondering if I could be throwing away a valuable part of the animal. I was wanting to start tanning some rabbit hide for a hobby. Just wondering how I would go about doing that and what is required.
Thanx in advance,

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Sure Tan them if you can sell'em

This response submitted by Mark on 2/15/00. ( knoblochs@worldnet.att.net )

You can tan these skins, just dry salt them and let them
dry out. I won't go into indepth detail, because it could
take a while, but you can send me your address and I will be
glad to send you or anyone else a free tanning booklet with
tips and directions on how to Liqua Tan a hide. Once their
dry rehydrate the skins, then run through a bath of Kemal 4
then choose a pickle, run in a pickle that you choose, neutralize
then Liqua Tan once you drain the hide. All you need as far as
info is in this booklet. Mark

Tanning Rabbit Hide

This response submitted by Wayne S. on 2/15/00. ( hbtaxidermy@etinternet.net )

The response before me gave you the right information except
after you salt the hide make sure you get the extra meat and
membrane off with a sharp knife or scissors. After the hide
is tanned you may also want to thin the face if you are going
to save the face also. I say this because the pickle solution
such as formic acid,citric,or any other pickle plumps the skin
and gets it ready for tanning. Hope this helps.

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