Liqua- tan ???????

Submitted by Lance Murphy on 2/18/00. ( )

I need some help! I went through all the procedures for a proper tan and when completed , I froze the tanned deer cape. I pulled it out of the freezer and proceeded to go to the mounting phase and found that the skin was too stiff to work with? Any suggestions or do you think i did something wrong? I'm baffled! Please help if possible!
This was a very nice deer and i want to save it if possible. I have had no other problems with this proceedure.
Thanks, Lance !!!

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dry cape

This response submitted by mike d on 2/18/00. ( )

If you did not let the cape dry before freezing(frozen within 6-8 hours after oiling,
and bagged while the oil penetrated), then the only way that I can think of for it to
dry out like that is to long in the freezer, or the use of a
frost -free freezer. Those things are death on skins, raw or tanned
they are designed to pull moisture out of everything in the
compartment- that's why they don't frost.
It wouldn't take long in there to dry out a cape!
The good news is you should be able to rehydrate it just like a dried, tanned

Did you neutralize?

This response submitted by BigD on 2/21/00. ( )

Did you neutralize the cape after the pickle? If not, that may be your problem.

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