Use of Knoblochs Pretan #110 in pickle

Submitted by Doug on 2/19/00. ( ddemars )

I am questioning the use of Pretan#110 when using Saftee acid in my pickle.
The Pretan says to only pickle for 4-6 hours while the Saftee acid says to
soak for a minimum of 3 days. Which is the better of the two?? I am tanning
several deer skins and one coyote/head mount. All will be fleshed and returne
to the pickle before tanning. Should I just use the Pretan or the Saftee Acid??

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Don't mix these two!!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 2/19/00. ( )

Actually the two are not meant to be mixed. Otherwise you will have problems maintaining the low ph level. By themselves and seperately they are OK, but I firmly wouldnt advise using them both. When people use Saftee Acid, I tell them - Keep it simple! Use 1/2 fl. oz. of Saftee Acid, 1 Lb. of Salt and 1 Gl. of Water - NOTHING ELSE! This will give you excellent plumping and shaving after 3 days! If you mix in something else, it usually skyrockets the ph and kills the benefits of the Saftee Acid. The only thing I've ever added to my own Pickles is a very small amount (4-8 grams per Gallon) of our Acid Bate for removing some of the insoluable fats and for producing a much softer finished skin later. Otherwise, add nothing to it and spare yourself any trouble!


This response submitted by Mark on 2/20/00. ( )

You can use the Pre-tan by itself for a quick proceedure of pickling a skin 6 to 8 hrs. Followed by tanning, I have used the PreTan in all pickle solutions and have had no problems. Mark

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