Cape ,whats left of it!

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I've choose to leave my name off of this because I know the company that tanned my cape will most likely show up. I'm going into my second year of Taxidermy and I just received a cape back from a tannery that was cut in half or missing one side what ever makes more since. I have used them before with no problems, but this one is a mess and is unmountable. I keep tring to think if I'd done something wrong before I sent it. But I didn't, and even if I had it should of come back with bald spots or something,not completely missing half its body. I know I'm rumbling but my question is this. Should I ask the tannery "what the heck happened", or cut my losses and go on.

Thanks in advance,

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I'd surely ask.....

This response submitted by Mike on 2/19/00. ( )

....and ask them to replace it, what do you have to lose. I'm sure someone out there who operates a tannery will agree...good luck

I'd surely ask too

This response submitted by scott on 2/22/00. ( )

I'd ask the tannery what's up with your hide for sure, especially if you've used them before. If you gave them a perfectly good hide and they trashed it, of course you should be compensated for your loss. Naturally they'll say it had something to do with your prepping relieving them of there responsibilities.If you're reputable with your work, I'd be getting my next hide done at NO CHARGE.You'd take a car back to a garage if the work wasn't done right wouldn't you? It's called 'good business ethics'.

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