Proper salt for drying hides

Submitted by Tony Dingess on 2/15/00. ( )

Been using 5 lb. bags of pickling salt from Walmart and this works fine, but they never have enough and no one carries non iodized salt around here in larger bags. I would like to know if the salt used for water conditioners, the larger pellet type would work if it was ground up, or should I stay away from this stuff. It is really a pain to be limited to buying 3 or 4 5 lb bags at a time. Local feed stores look at you like you are crazy when you mention buying a large bag of salt, unless you want rock salt for your driveway. Any sugestions welcome.

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Stock salt from your FEED and FARM Supply

This response submitted by John C on 2/15/00. ( )

Your can use MIXING SALT, it is fine grained and has yellow persate of soda ( prevents caking), which does not effect the quality of tan. If you really want to be picky talk to the resturant suppliers for POPCORN SALT it is 99% pure and even finer grained.


JOhn C

Dead Sea

This response submitted by Sheik Yeribooti on 2/17/00. ( )

Salt from the Dead Sea is by far the best salt to use. Just fly over and get 10 0r 20 million gallons and bring it back. Set up some huge evaporation containers in your back yard and soon you will have all the salt you need. Whatever you do don't use Great Salt Lake salt as it tends to burn the hides. Or you could go to Farm & Fleet. By the way you don't have to use non-iodized salt it is just cheaper!

Call your Culligan Man

This response submitted by Gary Kies, K & K Tannery on 2/17/00. ( )

Call your Culligan man and ask for salt with no food preservatives. Our representative even delivers. It saves the back.

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