Submitted by Rick on 2/20/00. ( Grizslayer@aol.com )

Have a half dozen small skins in EZ 100 Tanning solution right now.
Am due to pull them from the solution tonight. Can someone please give me the scoop on "when" to OIL these skins? Do I dry them partially? If so, how? I understand the oil/hot water ratio, but the instructions do not detail WHEN to begin oiling/staking, and how wet the skin should be.

Your help is appreciated.

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Not a problem!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 2/20/00. ( rittel@ici.net )

I take it that you didnt recieve the instructions that are normally sent with the Kit or perhaps they've become lost. Any way, normally, after tanning them for 16-22 hours, rinse them well after you remove them, drain for about 30 minutes, some like to towel them dry or tumble them very briefly in sawdust to remove the excess moisture from the outside of the skin, and then apply the warm oil/water mixture using a paint brush. Do not wash the skin in a detergent. After oiling, fold it like a towel (do not roll) and set it aside in a warm area for 3-4 hours, then unfold it, and hang it to dry. When "almost" dry (95%) take it down and begin to work and stake it soft.

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