Van Dykes Detail flesher

Submitted by David on 2/20/00. ( )

I'm looking at tanning capes myself after 20 years using commercial tanneries. My question is does anyone have experience using this smaller flesher (7 1/4") on the whole cape. Is it more than it can handle or should I should I be looking at a full size one. My shop is not large and hey the cost is less just trying to get a handle before I plunge in.

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Biased Opinion......Why would you want a small machine

This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 2/21/00. ( )

There are a couple of real good full size (12") machines on the market that will do all the detail work with ease. The only possible advantage to the small one is initial price. Another thing to keep in mind, I had a taxidermist call me the other day about sharpening one of the small blades, and my grinder won't handle a blade that small, and I really doubt if anyone elses will either, so they probably need returned to the manufacturer to be sharpened.

works fine

This response submitted by G Cota on 2/21/00. ( )

I bought both fleshing machines the dakota IV & V and they shipped the dakota IV first and used that on four WT and one bear and it worked great but I like the V better it's quicker it fleshes bigger strips and isnt much bigger machine. the small one is for detailed fleshing so what i'm saying is the dakota V is the better of the two i'ts more money but it saves time in the long run

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