Is the first salting process really necessary?

Submitted by Ernie on 2/21/00. ( )

I have had problem skins that I placed into a pickle befor fleshing.
They tightened up and were a breeze to flesh. The skins turned out fine! So my question is Do you really need to salt a skin first!

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one more

This response submitted by Ernie on 2/21/00. ( )

I first tried this on foxes that were frozen. placed them in a pickle while they were defrosting because I've had problems with fox ears befor they ended up fine So Again IS THE FIRST SALTING REALLY NECESSARY? I use kwik-n-ease from Rittels and also the Eztan.

In my opinion YES!!!

This response submitted by Todd B on 2/21/00. ( )

Do not ask me why But I say yes. The salt removes all the unwanted liquid junk from the skin.
I am not the expert who decided it need to be done but It has been done this
way for years and I am no chemist and cannot tell you the effects of not salting will have on
your skin. But I will still salt mine and follow all of the normal steps I have learned along the way.
But if it works for you go for it. Good Luck


This response submitted by DON on 2/21/00. ( )

like todd, i always salt. not once but twice!! i can't imagine the pickle solution removing the hide fluids that the salting does. I would not want to try this on a customers cape!bruce is the one to add comments to this one.


Salting is a definate plus!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 2/23/00. ( )

Salt does a lot of "GOOD" things for you. It leaches out the undesirable fluids in the skin, promotes rapid drying - so that the fur or hair tightens up, and it acts like a temporary preservative. For Deer or Goat skins or other skins the same thickness or heavier - it should always be used for the drying process, because they contain so much liquid. For Fox and light skins, because they are so thin, they dry quickly, so only 1 salting will do - or even air drying like the trappers do. But drying is beneficial, and ensures tight fur. When doing foxes for Taxidermy always skin and invert the ears before drying, and rub in some salt so they dry quickly and keep them dry.

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