Tanning training

Submitted by Dave Hagstrom on 2/23/00. ( hagstrom@wtp.net )

I seem to be short of time to properly research this so perhaps someone can help me. I have a good friend in South Africa who wants to start a tannery there using Lutan F. Does anyone know of any schools or training programs in relation to this in the states? I could train him myself if I was set up at the moment but he wants to start right away.

Thank you very much in advance.


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This response submitted by MarkV on 2/23/00. ( fishspec30@centurytel.net )

Dear Dave, You may want to ask Bruce Rittel. He is an expert on tanning and I believe he helps people who want to get into the tanning buisiness. He has a web page under suppliers on the taxidermy net main page. I am sure he can answer all of the questions you need. good Luck to you, MarkV

Montana School of Tanning and Taxidermy.

This response submitted by MARK on 2/24/00. ( knoblochs@worldnet.att.net )

One of the best leading schools is in Montana, In the fall
99' Breakthrough issue he has a full page add of his school.
The phone number is 406-443-0022 the next class is June
1-30th . Call and contact Jeff Welch.

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