slippin away

Submitted by Todd on 2/23/00. ( )

I hope someone out there can help me.I have been trying to learn to tan.I have been having trouble with deer capes.I have tanned 3 and have had slippage with all 3.I have been skinning,turning lips,nose,and eyes,and fleshing.Then I salt down heavily,have waited a couple of days and as short as 3-4 hours.Then I rehydrate with water and usually add lysol.Then I put into pickle,I use saftee acid and maintain 1.5-2.0 PH.I usually leave in the pickle between 3 -7 days.Then I pull out shave with a mini flesher,and neutralize,for about 30 min.I then liqua tan or lutan,when I lutan I have been leaving in the soak for about 30 hours.Then I drain and oil.All so far have slipped in some way.Please help this is very discouraging almost making me want to stick with dry preservative.can someone with experiance with both (formic and safetee acid) and (lutan and liqua-tan) tell me the differences.Thanks for any help.

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try this

This response submitted by carl on 2/23/00. ( )

just my opinion but give this a try
turn ears , split lips, nose and eyes. then salt heavily overnight,, shake off salt and resalt again with new salt,, rub it in well and leave for another 24 hrs.. rehydrate in a salt / water and bacteriacide solution 2 lbs of salt per gallon of water and enough bacteriacide to do your mix ( maybe a couple ounces for 5 gals )
then drain and flesh/ shave the skin ,, then put it in your pickle .... then shave it again and do your neutralizing and tanning
hope this helps :)

How much work up time

This response submitted by Dave on 2/23/00. ( )

Todd , how long are you leaving the hides out in raw state
before you get salted, and are you checking p.h.
after one day, I know mine likes to creep up a little
in the first few hours.I know Bruce Rittel says the use
of bacteriacide and,or lysol isnt needed, I myself do the
same process pretty much, with the e-z100 and only salt
overnight, and I have no slippage. I dont use any
bacteriacide though. I wash in dawn with the neutralizing

flint dry

This response submitted by rick on 2/23/00. ( )

after you salt twice.let dry tell its flint dry[hard] Then I rehydrate.that should set the hair
also one time i hade a problem like that and found out i had a
bacteria problem in my bucket


This response submitted by Doug on 2/23/00. ( () )

turn lips,nose,eyes,ears get all big chuncks of meat off it is a good idea not to spend to much time handling the hide because the heat from your hand can cause bacteria to grow salt heavly to flint dry or let sit under salt over night take hide shake off salt put in pickle 1pound of salt per gallon of water put ph level to 2.0 or lower (i use safty acid) you can leave it in there for quite some time as long as you keep that ph level down to 2.0 bacteria will not live in this conditon make sure you stir it every once and awhile take out of pickle in a couple days or overnight wash in water with a squeze of dawn and a half cup of salt flesh as thin as possible you can put it back in the pickle but I let dry out a little bit till skin side is tackey take your liqua tan warm it up a little in the nucker and brush it on covering it well roll up and let sit out at room temp for 5 or 6 hours then you can freeze it or mount it! thaw out hide! to get rid of the excess liqua tan off the hidE just dip it in a bucket of water real quick drain it put in front of a fan to get rid of some of the moisture and you know the rest! THIS IS HOW I DO IT AND I HAVE NOT HAD ANY PROBBLEM YET IT ALL COMES DOWN TO HOW WELL THE HUNTER TOOK CARE OF THE HIDE AND HOW LONG YOU HANDLE IT DOING THE PREP WORK!

Dougs Right

This response submitted by Mark on 2/24/00. ( )

Dougs process looks great! You can use a bacteria cide
like BASACRYL NBKU when you do rehydrate, if you get a
bacteria started then this is when it will start, all you
need is 1/8oz per gallon of water. You should always dry
salt your skins until completly dry. If you do have slipage
it will be caused from bacteria not from any tan.
Also if you or anyone need a free technical book from Knoblochs
tanning chemicals get me your address.

Still another reason might be...

This response submitted by Steve A. on 2/24/00. ( )

I've had similiar problems with slippage at times. I figurted
out one reason was washing prior to salting and then leaving
the hide wet while salting and drying. This is a no no. Also
trying to dry hides out in a colc humid basement caused problems.
Leaving my hides in a rehydration solution, too long without
salt or a bacteriacide also caused problems. From what I uncerstand
Lysol is not a very good bacteriacide. Don't give up. There
is a way to tan fur without having it slip. I'm still figuring
some of this out.

Rinsing after neutralizing?

This response submitted by Terry on 2/24/00. ( )

Are you rinsing well after neutralizing? If not, as I unfortunately found out, the soda will continue to soften the epidermis. Just a possiblility. Terry

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