Brittle Hair

Submitted by Dean on 2/22/00. ( )

It has recently been brought to my attention that several
skins that were comercially tanned now have very brittle
hair. What is the cuase of this? And should I notify the
tanner? These skins where all recently done within the
past three years. At first it was acouple Whitetail skins
but most recently a fox rug. Some of these skins where
used on mounts & some where just tanned skins for
customers. The hair is so brittle it shatters when you
touch it ,but looked fine when we received them from the

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Get on the phone and get some answers

This response submitted by Craig on 2/22/00. ( )

If I was the tannery I would want to know there was a problem. How do you feel as a taxidermist to mount a clients piece and three years later have them come back and complain that the hair is gone on their mount. "I just went to clean it and it fell apart".

Sometimes the hair will curl if left in a pickle too long or if the pH is too low but I never heard of this one. Let us know how this works out, the possible causes or explaination from the tannery.

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