Tannery needed - wet oiled - Utah? Shipping?

Submitted by Mike on 2/22/00. ( )

The guy that tanned for me is hasta luego. I know Fox Valley in North SLC does some, but are they the best?. I am not a professional, just do some heads for myself, friends, and family. I want the capes moist and oiled when I get them back.

Thankx for any input,

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Wet tan

This response submitted by Dave Hagstrom on 2/23/00. ( hagstrom@wtp.net )

Give Golden State Tannery in Turlock, CA a try. Wet tan in two weeks at the same price as dry. Like any California tannery....don't send them any mountain lions. Tel: 209-668-1331



This response submitted by G. Anderson on 2/23/00. ( kkanders@silverstar.com )

A close tannery is Blue Mountain Fur Dressing in Smoot Wyoming. Their number is 307-886-5414.

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