Submitted by Frank Mitchell on 2/27/00. ( )

I tried to use the Liqua-Tan on a whitetail and after following the exact steps as outlined on page 192 in WASCO the ears slipped. The problem is, is that I have a Caribou cape setting after doing the same thing to it the only difference I haven't rehydrated yet. I am afraid that it too will slip once I rehydrate. Is there something I can do to prevent slippage on this cape. As it now stands no hair has come off while it has been setting-up.

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What was your method?

This response submitted by Mark on 2/27/00. ( )

Frank, What was your proceedures? did you turn the ears, salt, dry, ?
I'm sorry I do not have a WASCO book handy, so I do not know what it says. This would not be from the tan, it would be caused by bacteria
or not spliting. Please get me a little more info and we'ed be glad to assist you in finding what went wrong.


This response submitted by Frank Mitchell on 3/3/00. ( )

Mark, Thanks for responding to my question. The deer was caped in the usual manner and the ear turned and the lips and nose split. The cape was salted for two days and then shaken off and then resalted. It was then hydrated in 1 pound of salt for each gallon of cold water and a fungicide added. It was soaked for about an hour and then removed and drained for 10-15 minutes. It was damped dried and then the tanning solution was rubbed in by hand and then let sit for acouple of hours. The excess was redistributed across the cape and let dry. No hair was slipping at that time. After sitting for about two weeks I rehydrated in preparation to mount and after soaking in cold water for about an hour and then rolled up and placed in a plastic bag allowed to sweat for 10 hours. I unrolled the cape and tried to slip in the ear liners and the hair slipped. No other hair slippage was noted anywhere else.

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