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Submitted by Don on 2/27/00. ( )

I've had great success with Formic acid pickel and Lutan "F"
with "hair on" tans. Need a quick lesson in hair off methods.
Any help, advise or info on a "how-to" would be appreciated.

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This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 2/28/00. ( )

It's too lengthy to explain without typing out an article - but if you contact us, I can send some free info for you on making Buckskin. Be sure to include your US Postal mailing address.

Bruce Rittel (

This response submitted by Bob Kowalski on 11/23/01. ( )

Sir, am dehairing some deer hides to be made into Buckskin for Cerinomial
Regalia for Medicine Man. Have hides soaking in lime solution to dehairat this time.
Upon scrapping hair and fleshing do you have some info to help me to turn out a top quality hide so that I may take pride in this project as I
wish to do the job right or not at all as I veheard that Taxidermy is a dying art and think that sometimes the old ways are the way to go.(if it ain t broke don t fix it)
My biggest problem is that I live in Canada so obtaining things (Buckskin Tan) has ben an obstecle since there are not many distrbuters of your products here.
I would be grateful of any advise you have as I believe that if you can t do it right you shouldn t do it at all.
My deepest Respects and hope you can help in this situation.

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