A little Alum in the rehydration bath?

Submitted by Terry on 2/29/00. ( Miller_T@mail.kearney.k12.mo.us )

I have had some freezer problems lately and I had a cape that one-third of the lower portion had spoiled. Before fleshing, I soaked it in a very high salt and ammonium alum solution. All in all, it worked. I have now found another cape with a slight odor. I have fleshed thoroughly and it is salt drying now. I was careful and I didn't have any slippage yet, but "that" smell was present. As a precaution, could I place some ammonium alum in my rehydration bath? I am concerned that once in the pickle, neutalizing,etc..., without using the alum, some slippage might show up? Any thoughts on this would be appreciated, thanks, Terry P.S. I use Liqua-tan.

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This response submitted by sylvain on 2/29/00. ( normandeau.@sympatico.ca )

the answer is yes dosen't hurt but don't forgot to put a
little anti bacterria grow like basacryl nb-ku from Knoblochs
the cause of slipping hair is bacteria i use that form on a cape
not long ago and the result was great

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