Submitted by Jim Wallace on 2/29/00. ( )

I am new to this forum and just beginning to learn taxidermy and tanning. My question is this...I am going to be tanning some beaver skins and a coyote, and I going to be using EZ Tan from Rittel's. Is shaving a hide really necessary after pickling, and how far should you go down into the hide? I am really afraid of hitting the hair root and I don't want these beaver and coyote to have "bought the farm" for no reason. Any answers would be greatly appreciated.

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This response submitted by Frank on 2/29/00. ( )

Jim if you take you time and read some or the articles here on tanning you will find out that pickling is nessacery to do a job right. Especially with Bruce's products. He know's, he is the TANNING master here.

And as far as shaving a coyote, I would do a little on the back and the rest on the face, using a skife knife for the face. I'm not sure about the beaver.


This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 2/29/00. ( )

Frank gave you good advice on the Coyote. On the Beaver - usually after 3 days pickling they get a good plump to them which makes them easy to shave. In a Tannery I would shave them over-all, but you can get by with shaving just the head, neck and leg areas, and still get a reasonable soft, pliable skin. Beavers must be degreased however, or you will see it surface in the finishing as an orange colored grease - especially around the leg areas. Coyotes as a rule are not considered particularly greasy skins.

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