stiff hide

Submitted by jim on 3/4/00. ( )

I tanned a hide about 3 weeks ago for the first time and it is real stiff. I would like to make it softer. Idid not have liqua soft at that time and was not up on breaking a hide by hand. I now have liqua soft and a idea on how to go about breaking the hide by hand. IS it to late to rehydrate the hide and use liqua soft and break the hide by hand?
If it is still possible to do the above how would you recommend I rehydrate? (whitetail hide)

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Moisten it

This response submitted by Mark on 3/5/00. ( )

What you can do is take a spray bottle and just moisten the hide, with just plain water. (flesh side) Once the skin is damp and workable you can heat up the Liqua Soft then work it in. You can then
be able to continue to work the hide as you need to. Any more questions contact us.

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