Which tan do you prefer?

Submitted by Dave on 3/4/00. ( dtkt@powercomm.net )

I am going to start tanning my own competition stuff again. I have used Lutan F and Formic acid in the past. I am looking to try either safetee acid with either Liqua Tan or EZ 100. My questions is what do some of you perfer. I know how to tan just wanting to make an educated decision as I have not used either. Yes I have read the archives and know how to tan just looking for a lot of opinions (short answers are fine) on what you folks perfer before I make my decision. Thanks for your time


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This response submitted by Glenn on 3/4/00. ( unkfuz@aol.com )

After 20 years away from taxi I got the bug again early last year while recovering from surgery. Took the Northwestern course in the
late 50's - a lot of salt and alum and breaking down with a rasp and a break. I spent time reading last year and decided on Safetee acid and Liqua tan. Since December I've tanned 3 squirrels, 2 muskrats,
a mink, a red and a grey fox, and today finished tanning a coyote.
I'm more then satisfied by the results. The only skin I had any problem with is a small muskrat that I've completed. He was frozen whole for nearly 3 years and has a spot about the size of a dime that the fur slipped. Since he's mounted 'dead' and on his back (he and the mink will be on the same base) it won't show. This system works very well in my situation.

Good luck,


Perfect Combination

This response submitted by Wayne S. on 3/4/00. ( hbtaxidermy@etinternet.net )

I wouldn't change a thing! Lutan F and formic acid are hard to beat.


This response submitted by Frank on 3/5/00. ( basswtrout@aol.com )

I use both in my shop. I can't find any difference in working with the hides. Both have stretch, workability, little shrinkage. So to be honest I enjoy using both tans.
And I do pickle no matter what, with saftee acid.


This response submitted by Leanna on 3/5/00. ( scardeer@cornernet.com )

I used Safety Acid with Liqua Tan and loved it but wanted more. Now I use EZ-100 with the Safety Acid and I've got the "more" part, which is less shrinkage and more stretch.


This response submitted by ... on 3/5/00. ( ... )

Safetee Acid that is.

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