Help with tanning

Submitted by Robert on 3/4/00. ( )

I have been mounting deer heads for a couple of years. I learned through [a supply company] videos. It seems he uses mostly D.P. The d.p works pretty good but they are a lot of shrinkage. I would like to learn how to tan, and get away from d.p. I would also like to try to find a commercial tannery in Ga. to try. If any one has any suggestions on learning to tan or a com. tannery I would really appreciate it. Thanks a lot.

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Call Seminole

This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 3/5/00. ( )

334-298-1704 It's actually in Alabama, but might as well be Columbus Ga.


This response submitted by Frank on 3/6/00. ( )

There are many good books out there on learning how to tan your hides. It's quite simple if you have afew basic tools. A lot of people here like Bruce Rittle's EZ-100 or Knobloch's Liqua -tan. Both are great and easy tans to use.

Check with them to get more and better info.

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